How To Make Handwritten Notes A Regular Part of Your Routine

February is often dedicated to love–thoughtful gifts, heartfelt words, and lots of sweet treats. Although Valentine’s Day has passed, and the fun Galentine’s brunches are over, that warm feeling you get from celebrating all the people in your life doesn’t have to stop. Taking note of moments big and small, and sending notes to celebrate them with others, is a great way to share gratitude and express yourself. So if you want to pick up the practice of writing notecards and add it your routine, our five tips can help you get started. 


Having a set of notecards at the ready is a great first step. In this digital age of instant messages and posts, it can be difficult to send a personal note filled with the same feeling that can come from a handwritten card. When deciding on which stationery to use, find a design that inspires you to craft the perfect message. It can reflect your own style or aesthetic, or follow the theme of the note you want to write. 


From significant others and family to friends and coworkers, there are lots of people in your life who could use a little acknowledgement or a quick note. Before getting started, create a master list of who you’d like to send a note to and have their full name and mailing addresses listed out. By planning out your recipient list ahead of time, you’ll be able to stay on top of which note goes to each person. Pro Tip: Set up a timeline for brainstorming your messages, when to write each one, and when to send them out so that when you’re ready to send them out, you keep track of your progress.


To give your note a personal and authentic feeling, your message should read and sound like you. Crafting a personal message that is specific to the recipient will have more of an impact than you imagine.

When starting your note, think about what’s going on in their world. Consider these to get you started:

  • What’s something you love or miss about this person?
  • What would you say to this person to encourage them if you were talking to them face-to-face?
  • What’s one thing this person has done or accomplished recently?

Don’t miss the opportunity to spread some positivity. Send a kudos for making it through a hectic week. Highlight one of their most recent accomplishments. Thank a coworker for assisting you on a project. Congratulate a friend for landing a second interview. Whether its big or small, the moments in our lives are worth noting, and sending a note is one small but impactful way to celebrate them with others.


After you’ve found the right words to express your sentiment, it’s time to prepare a warm closing. We encourage including a note for follow up at the end of your message. Whether it’s mentioning an upcoming event or planning a future phone call, find a way to continue the conversation.

This will show how much you value the connection and set the intention to stay in touch more regularly. 


As our time spent on digital devices increases, it’s so important to incorporate new ways to stay connected offline into our routines. Regularly expressing gratitude will not only boost your mood but also strengthen your relationships with others. The practice of putting pen to paper will give you an opportunity to slow down and really think about what you’re writing and what message you want to send.