About Us

Southworth® Papers - Crafting Excellence Since 1839

Southworth® has been setting the standard for fine paper products for more than 180 years. Our heritage is a testament to the enduring pursuit of quality, craftsmanship, and elegance in the world of paper.

We understand that every sheet of paper tells a story. Whether it's the texture, the weight, or the finish, each element contributes to the narrative of your documents. Our fine papers are meticulously crafted to elevate your communications, making every message, every invitation, and every presentation a work of art.

We take pride in being the trusted choice of professionals, creatives, and visionaries who understand the profound impact of quality paper. Our legacy is built on the belief that the right paper can transform an ordinary document into an extraordinary one, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who encounters it. Whether you want to take note, send a note, or be noticed, Southworth® can help ensure meaningful moments never go unnoticed with its portfolio of fine paper products.

For generations, people have been relying on Southworth® papers to provide greater impact to their ideas. In fact, President Lincoln chose Southworth® paper to accept Stephen Douglas’s invitation to debate, documenting the seriousness and historic nature of the event. Your own milestones – a new job, an important proposal, a 50th anniversary – deserve nothing less. Put the feel of fine paper in people’s hands and make an instant impression. Timeless quality at first touch.

What a watermark says about your paper – it’s a symbol of quality, made according to time-honored craftsmanship. Watermarks generally will state the percentage of the paper’s cotton content and its brand.

What a watermark says about you – that you’ve chosen wisely. The watermark sends a message even before ink is applied.

Southworth offers a wide range of distinctive papers:

Resume Paper

The premium watermarked cotton paper from the world-class manufacturer in resume paper. Matching envelopes and a choice of linen finish allow you to make a distinct presentation… even before a single word is read.

Business Paper

Convey prestige in reports and presentations with the unmistakable feel of cotton. Our family of fine papers lets you create documents that are both elegant and practical, for uses where consistency and quality matter.

Specialty Paper

When you want your document to stand out, these papers bring special character. Contemporary class or old-world elegance, we give you endless ways to make a lasting statement with awards, invitations, certificates and more.

Cotton Papers

From the first moment to its enduring memory, cotton is a touch of class. Cotton paper makes first impressions more impressive with distinct crispness and an unmistakable feel. Someone picking up your document will know before they even read a word that there’s something special to it. Cotton fiber also provides archival durability – it’s the reason so many historic documents are still with us even centuries later.

Acid & Lignin Free - Archival Quality

Southworth® papers are the finest archival quality papers available. Removing lignin, a component of wood pulp, and other acidic materials from the papermaking process is among many exacting steps of producing our fine papers. We do it because it matters: lignin- and acid-free papers won’t yellow with age.