Writing Thank You Notes is Key

Diane Irwin ImageBy: Diane J. Irwin, CPRW
President, Dynamic Resumes

You can move forward more rapidly in your job search by utilizing every opportunity to send a letter, email, or voicemail message to a potential employer and to your networking leads (…without being a stalker of course!). Think about it– you meet with someone, and later drop a quick email saying “Nice meeting you for coffee today. I appreciated your suggestions about my job search.” It would take you about 10 seconds to write this and click send, right? What do you think the reaction will be from the recipient? He will have a nice surprise note in his email that is short and appreciative of his time. He feels good about the note and good about you!

This thank you effort can be a key influencing factor following a job interview. Sending a note (via snail mail or email) is an opportunity to show your initiative, to emphasize a critical point about your background and to mention one more thing about your strengths which may not have come up during the interview. The employer who received your note is impressed with your timely note and comments. Surprisingly, only a small percentage of candidates send thank you letters after an interview. So, this makes yours stand out even more!

Be sure to ask for a business card so you have the spelling of his or her name and correct email or snail mail address. The letter should be brief and if handwritten, legible. Start by thanking him for the opportunity to interview and convey your excitement about the position. Then mention one or two key points – perhaps something in particular about the job that you were enthusiastic about or emphasizing how you feel you could make a contribution to the team. Close with a simple statement indicating that you enjoyed the meeting and hope to hear back soon. Be sure to include your email address and phone number. Just think– this small effort could be the key to getting an offer!

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