Cotton Paper is Worth the Money

Cotton Paper is Worth the Money

By: Joyce Lain Kennedy, Careers Now


I admit a commercial interest in suggesting that you discuss the difference the use of fine paper for resumes, cover letters and follow-up thank you notes can make in the mind of the interviewer between just another person and someone a company wants to hire. I enclose a press kit on behalf of my client, Southworth Company (

Signed, Honora Horan.

Okay, you got me. You do mention a point now routinely overlooked since the electronic age chased out most hard copy resumes. People have forgotten the difference between copy- and cotton-fiber paper in the job search.

Readers, if you are a white-collar worker interacting face-to-face or mailing your self-marketing materials, putting your resumes on high quality cotton-fiber paper stands out and is worth the money and effort. And handwritten notes on fine business card stock are likely to engender an impression of quality in the writer.

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