Laser Printer Troubleshooting

Having Trouble with Laser Printers?

Simply put: Laser Printers use Toner. Inkjet Printers use Liquid Ink. But not all Laser Printers are created equal.

Here’s a quick lesson on printers:

Toner: Designed to melt into paper at set temperatures (depending on manufacturer and printer model). Toner is a mix of plastic, wax or magnetic particles.

Heat: Each media needs a different setting to melt toner to make it bond to the paper. Heavy, thick, rough or dense paper and envelopes need higher temperatures because heat is diffused by the paper.

Pressure: Rollers inside the printer press the toner to the paper’s surface.

Speed: Everyone wants fast printing but too much speed may compromise the print quality. Slower speeds expose the toner to the fuser longer allowing it to melt onto the paper properly.

For best results printing on richly textured or heavyweight Southworth grades we offer these tips:

Open up your document in Microsoft Office® **

  1. Go to File Menu.
  2. Choose Print from drop down menu.
  3. Then choose Properties
  4. Finally click on Media Type and make your choice from the following table depending on what you are printing:

What are you printing?

What are you printing? Suggested settings: (find the setting for best results on your laser printer) Special Notes:
  • Envelopes
  • Envelopes Thick
  • Bond
All Southworth envelopes are 24 lb. weight. Some laser printers have paper path setting or special trays for envelopes. Some early models do not support printing envelopes. If not, you may need to print separate address labels and follow template directions from the label package.
  • Bond
  • Heavy
  • Thick
Parchment paper has a random formation. The color and the surface formation combined give parchment its marble like properties.
Fine Linen
  • Bond
  • Rough
  • Thick
  • Heavy
Linen paper has an embossed surface that gives it that elegant linen finish. Both 24 lb. and 32 lb. generally work best with the “Bond” setting.
32 lb. Bond
  • Bond
  • Thicker
  • Heavy
32 lb. paper disperses the heat that is needed to make toner adhere to the surface. Both 24 lb. and 32 lb. work best with the “Bond” setting.
Laid Paper
  • Bond
  • Rough
  • Thick
  • Heavy
Southworth manufactures our Laid Papers with the deep textured laid finish on the “felt” or back-side of the paper leaving the “wire” or front-side of the paper with a smoother, more printer-friendly surface. To determine which side to print on, hold the paper up to the light. The visible watermark will be embossed on the laid texture side of the paper so that it will read correctly when viewed from the smooth side. Make sure to load the paper so that it feeds through to print on the smooth side.

Remember, printers are not designed to print all weights of paper. Some printer’s specifications are limited to 20 lb. and 24 lb. papers. Not all printers are designed to print envelopes. For specific information about what media your printer supports, refer to the manual that came with your printer, or search online using your printer’s name and model number.

**We reference Microsoft Office since it is the most common word processing program in use today.

For best results your printer needs to be maintained properly by following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Worn out internal parts can reduce the level of print quality. Printers are designed for obsolescence and to print a designated number of pages before maintenance or replacement is required.

Toner cartridges are designed for optimal results with each manufacturer’s models of laser printer and using aftermarket or refilled toner can produce print quality issues.