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Table Manners for Business Meals

Does it Matter How I Eat?

“If your table manners are graceful, people’s perception of you will be very favorable.” – Letitia Baldridge

Many business deals are conducted over a meal. A prospective employer or client invites you to join them for a meal. How important is that meal? How important is my behavior at that meal? Many people would answer that how I eat and what I eat doesn’t really matter. I would argue that is does matter. Maybe not while dining at the golden arches but in a business interview; it can make the difference between that million dollar deal and a desk job.

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Consistency is Critical for a Strong Brand

Consistency is Critical When Building a Strong Brand

In your career, you need to actively manage your personal brand, and consistency is critical to creating a strong personal brand. You must be consistent in every aspect of how you express your brand. Whatever you are, be that—over and over and over again, so that those whom you are trying to influence don’t have to think about what you stand for; they just know.

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10 Networking Mistakes to Avoid

All the Right Words – All the Wrong Moves in Networking

I recall a networking meeting that I had a few years back with a high level gentleman who ran an agency. We had been introduced by a mutual friend and early telephone discussions suggested that there may be some business opportunities between us. I took the opportunity to stop by his office when I was in his city on other business. This was the first time we met in person. I was looking forward to getting to know him better.

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How To Get A Legal Job

How To Get A Legal Job

Life Raft For Law School Students Launching Their Careers

In “Perfect Storm” Of Crushing School Debt And Dismal Job Market Hiring Attorneys Give Advice On Getting Jobs And Building Careers

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Paper in a Digital World

Paper in a Digital World

There is no doubt that the electronic world has made things faster. Can you ever imagine trying to find a document by having to filter through columns of file cabinets or shelves housing folders filled to the brim with paper? Any attempt to locate a file or record would be a nightmare.

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