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The Napkin: Setting a Proper Table

The Napkin: Setting a Proper Table

“An attractive table creates welcoming ambience”

Elizabeth Post

When setting a table sometimes the napkin can be the finishing touch that makes the over-all design of your table fabulous. You need napkins at every meal. My kids don’t seem to think so. They feel their clothing is perfectly capable of collecting the mess of their meal.

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How to Launch a CEO

How to Launch a CEO

The CEO’s personal brand can have a dramatic impact on an organization’s overall brand (and vice versa). When you think of Jack Welsh, you think of GE; think of Virgin Atlantic and it brings Richard Branson to mind.

The “changing of the guard” is an important time, and the communication about a new CEO can be critical to the continued success of an organization (and to the new CEO’s career!). Now, before you stop reading this article because you are not a CEO, let me assure you that the conversation also has relevance to your career. Understanding the process can be instructive for you if you get a new job, a promotion, or if you are responsible for the hiring of others.

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Present Yourself More Powerfully

Presenting Yourself More Powerfully in Networking

I recall a time when I was networking with a top executive at a Fortune 100 company. I was pretty bold when I reached out to him on the telephone. I had been introduced to him by a mutual friend. After I introduced myself, I made a bold and direct request. He said yes. I was feeling pretty powerful that day.

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