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Reflections on a Paperless Society

Reflections on a Paperless Society

We’ve all heard about the coming of a paperless society, especially since electronic devices play such a big part in our daily lives. A national scientific telephone survey was conducted by Poll Position this year.

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Weight Just a Minute! The Deal with Paper

Weight Just A Minute! What’s the deal with this paper?

I don’t know about everyone else, but more than once I’ve confused myself trying to determine the differences in paper weights. The paper weight on one package says it is 60 lb paper, but yet it feels much lighter than another package of paper that states it is also 60 lb weight. What’s the deal? Unfortunately, the Constitution does not guarantee that all paper is created equal – so let’s try to figure this out.

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Social Media Is Just That: Social

Social media is just that: Social

…which means that the rules of etiquette apply.
If you want to build your brand using social media outlets, remember your table manners.

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5 Steps to a Great First Impression

5 Steps to a Great Introduction

We believe that eyes may be the doorway to the soul, but the hands are the doorway to a successful encounter. Robert E. Brown and Dorthea Johnson

Have you ever met someone, shook their hand and been disappointed? The limp rag shake or the death grip both leave you with an impression about that person. What reaction are you getting with your hand shake?
Today we will help everyone make a great impact with their hand shake. That first impression is so important –Let’s make it a great one.
There are 5 parts to an Introduction.

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