Is a Lack of Creativity Hurting Your Job Search?

Is a Lack of Creativity Hurting Your Job Search?

Reposted from February 1, 2011 by Charlotte Weeks

Over the weekend, I read an article in “O Magazine” about creativity’s role in our lives. Like most people, I usually think this primarily applies to the arts. However, according to the article by Peggy Orenstein, scholars define creativity as “the production of something both novel and appropriate.” With a definition like this, it’s easier to see how being creative can be applied to just about anything – including the job search.

Why is this important? Think about what happens when you get into a rut, with little variation in routine. Your motivation is low, and you probably start to participate in activities that aren’t very mentally challenging. This could explain why some people out of work will use one method – such as applying online – to the exclusion of others, even if they’re not getting results. You don’t really accomplish much, despite feeling busy.

Once you spark your creativity, the benefits can be tremendous. You’ll feel more energetic about going out and networking, new ideas will come to mind, and you’ll get more done. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1) Take a break and do something different: If you feel like you’re working hard but not getting anything done, it may be time to step away. If you keep pushing to finish something, it’ll take longer and you won’t be as effective.

2) Try something completely new: Change up your routine, eat a different kind of food, or learn a new game. When you’re comfortable with that, move to something a little more challenging – do one thing to manage your career that you’ve never done before!

3) Get away: This doesn’t need to be an overseas trip! Whether it’s a long walk, lunch out, or visiting a new part of town, a change of environments will stoke your creativity.

Think about other ideas that may help you get your creative juices flowing. Even that process may help you feel more energized!

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