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How to Create a Leadership Brand

Want to create a leadership brand?

That’s what all marketers strive for…but how do you achieve such a status?By focusing on those elements that will really make a difference.The following are key ingredients that leadership brands have:

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Sharpen Your Memory for Greater Networking Success

Sharpen Your Memory for Greater Networking Success

How to remember people’s names when you first meet them and afterwards

A simple yet challenging bit of networking finesse is to have a good memory. Remembering people’s names, faces and details when you see them again (months, weeks or even minutes later) makes a formidable impression on them. The “in one ear and out the other” is a common aliment of most adults after being introduced to someone at a networking event. Without the help of name tags it can be quite awkward to introduce the person you just met to someone else you know if you have forgotten their name already. Out of discomfort, many people default to a worse social offense: not introducing them at all.

How do you avoid these uncomfortable situations? How do you crank up your social savvy and learn how to stick people’s names into your working short term memory?

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Cordially Invited: Invitation Etiquette Basics

Cordially Invited: Invitation Etiquette Basics

As technology changes the basics of an invitation remain the same

This holiday season you rush to your mail box to see what holiday parties you and your family have been invited to. There is nothing better than a holiday get-together. We all love seeing how other people decorate during the holidays. A party is an opportunity to visit with friends you may not have seen recently or celebrate with your best friends that have supported you through the year! But this year you decide to host the party. How do you go about inviting people? The formula is easy and it really does not ever change.

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Letter Writing: Your Connection to the Future

Letter Writing: Your connection to the future

I don’t know about you, but I have a fascination with letters written by the famous and the infamous. There’s something intensely intimate about a handwritten letter, even beyond its content. The authors put pen to paper and share their deepest thoughts and emotions of the moment. When we get to view them, sometimes years after they have departed this world, we get a glimpse of their culture, history, and the vulnerability that even celebrities feel.

One example that stood out over the past year was in part due to the incredible amount of money it brought at auction.

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4 Ways to Follow Your Heart AND Pay Your Bills

4 Ways to Follow Your Heart AND Pay Your Bills

“I want to get back into fashion, my first love.” The voicemail from a potential client thrilled me. She obviously had a bold, heart-led plan for her next career move, and I hoped I’d be able to help her.

By the time we spoke the next day, she was in panic mode. Afraid the fashion market was not robust in her new city, she was thinking of pursuing hospitality instead. After all, her recent experience as an event planner would be an asset, and she was facing a hefty mortgage payment for her new dream house.

Fortunately, this was a case where she could have her cake and eat it too. I love those!

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