Where Are All the College Grads?

Diane Irwin ImageBy: Diane J. Irwin, CPRW
President, Dynamic Resumes

So my friend Robin is a key leader for a staffing firm in the NYC area, and recently asked me, “where are all the college grads?” When I asked what she meant, Robin told me that she has been trying to fill an entry level position and can’t seem to find too many college grads out there looking for work. As you can imagine, I was shocked because there are TONS of college grads looking for work that I speak to regularly. And, I admitted to Robin that I was surprised that a staffing firm is seeking this level – usually employers do not need to hire agency recruiters to fill these types of positions. Well, I was surprised by what she explained– so I wanted to share this insight.

Due to many cutbacks in this economy, it should not be surprising that HR departments have been downsized tremendously. So, when employers have openings, many are now completely outsourcing their hiring with staffing firms to fill all of their internal openings….entry level and otherwise. Therefore, we are now calling “all college grads” to be sure to get your résumé   to recruiters so that you are in their databases and can be easily “found” when an opening arises. And for the noncollege grads, the older worker, the unemployed, and those actively seeking transition….you, too, should be sure that your résumé   is in the hands of staffing firms and recruiters (as well as linkedin and popular web boards!) so that your résumé  can be “found.”

Diane Irwin, CPRW, President of Dynamic Resumes, creates high impact résumés and provides targeted job search assistance. Her résumés and job search advice appear in several publications and she is a speaker, blogger, and tweeter on career management topics. Diane earned her resume certification through PARW, The Professional Association of Résumé Writers. She is an active member of The National Résumé Writers Association, and Tri-State Human Resources Management Association. She previously earned her PHR from the Society for HR Management.

Diane is the resume writer of choice for several local recruiting firms and volunteers assistance to many groups, including the military. Diane has helped hundreds of clients at all levels to get their resumes to the “top of the pile.” Visit her website at http://www.dynamicresumesofnj.com/