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We are so grateful to our friends at The National Resume Writers Association for sharing their Resume Writing expertise and broad Career Coaching experience.

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Resume Writing

Is the Paper Resume Dead?
 A Guide to Resume Writing
How to Write a Better Resume
 Power Pack Your Resume
Don’t Fold Your Resume
Writing Thank You Notes Is Key
Cotton Paper is Worth the Money
Essentials: Have a Text Version of Your Resume
Cover Letter Openings


5 Tough Interview Questions
How to Handle Tricky Interview Questions
The Golden List of Interview Dos and Don’ts
Secrets from HR Directors
Negotiating Salary Tactics and Tips
5 Wardrobe Tips for Interviews (Men’s Edition)


Build a Network Before You Need One
How to Network Using Social Media
Navigating the Networking Nightmare
Top 5 Tips to Stand Out at Career Fairs

New Grads

Where are all the College Grads?
Cover Letters for New Graduates
Graduating with a Plan of Action


Is Your Education Dating You
Resume Tips for Baby Boomers
Get Credit for Volunteering
Managing Careers for Military Spouses
Military to Civilian Career Transition
Formatting Federal Resumes