Lincoln with Signature

You probably think that Southworth is a paper company. And you’re right.
But we’re much more than that.

We’re a leading consumer retail brand offering indispensable solutions for business and personal communications. For professionals, Southworth’s high quality cotton papers provide essential usage choices and business panache. For personal use, our résumé paper and social stationery allow individuals to express their very own style. No other brand offers our unique selection nor is as readily available.

For generations we’ve been making the paper that people rely on to give greater impact to their ideas. In fact, President Lincoln chose Southworth paper to accept Stephen Douglas’s invitation to debate, documenting the seriousness and historic nature of the event. Your own milestones — a new job, an important proposal, a 50th anniversary — deserve nothing less.

Since 1839, Southworth has been manufacturing the most popular brand of retail-packaged premium cotton papers. A privately-held company with manufacturing facilities at our paper mill in Turners Falls, MA, and our headquarters and paper converting facility in Agawam, MA, we are committed to providing only the highest quality stock premium papers, customized specialty papers and custom converted envelopes.

Southworth is also the most widely available premium paper. You’ll find us everywhere. Whether it`s office products superstores, mass merchant chain stores or commercial catalog distributors, Southworth is there. You’ll see we have the experience to know which papers make our products, and our brand, relevant.

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