Templates – Sports Certificates

Free Sports Certificate Templates

*scroll down for Printing Tips

Printing Tips:

Download the appropriate Sports Certificate  template shown above to your desktop and follow these simple steps to create a customized award.

1) Feed provided Test Sheet into printer following the direction as shown on the paper tray Icon. The arrows on the test sheet represent the most common print orientation, but may differ from your own.

2) Adjust paper tray guides to fit.

3) Click print, select your printer model and select “properties”. Select “paper/quality” and choose a 5.5″ x 8.5″ size (may be called half-letter or statement). If this size option is not available, select “custom” and enter the dimensions. Note: Some newer printers will not require you to select a paper size.

4) If you experience continued alignment issues and are using an older printer, make sure you are using the most current print driver available for your printer model.

5) If problems persist, refer to your printer instruction manual for non-standard paper sizes. Your printer may not support this paper size.