Printing Your Business Cards

How to Print Your Own Business Cards

It’s easy to get professional-looking results using your own computer and inkjet or laser printer and these step by step instruction.

And with today’s low-cost printers, you can include graphic elements and color in your design. Here are some general tips on how to format your business cards in most word processing or publishing programs. Due to the richness of Southworth Business Card Stock, we recommend hand-feeding through your printer.

Using Word Processing Software with Templates

Many word processing programs include templates that will automatically format the page for you. If your software includes templates:

• Access the Envelopes and Labels templates.

• If necessary, specify the Labels templates.

• In some cases, you have to set the labels’ left margin to .075″.

• Within the list of Label products you’ll see a Business Card template.

• Follow the program’s cues to print your Southworth Business Cards.

Note: These programs may require adjustment to fit the templates provided

Using Word Processing Software with Tables

Some word processing programs let you create a table within the document. If yours does, use the following measurements to format the table:

• Number of Columns: 2

• Number of Rows: 5

• Column Width: 3.5″

• Row or Cell Height: 2″

• Text Margin or Indentation, All Sides (within each table cell)

You may also have to set the margins for printing:

• Top: .5″

• Bottom: .25″

• Both Sides: .75″

After the Table is formatted, design your Business Card in the top left cell. Use tabs for positioning your information inside the cell as necessary. Then copy your format to all the other table cells and print.

Manual Formatting

If you’re using software that doesn’t include templates or tables, or you’d prefer to set up the page manually, use the following to set your margins for printing:

• Top: .5″

• Bottom: .25″

• Both Sides: .75″

Use your tabs to format the business card information into two columns. Your business cards will measure 2″ high x 3.5″ wide when detached–space your information accordingly.