Define Your Business Card Image

Defining Your Image for your Business Card

Your business cards are miniature billboards, advertising your business–those receiving them will get their first impression of your business based on their “look”. The image that your card presents must convince them that you’re the one to do business with.

In order to define your own business brand (or image), take a few minutes now to consider the following questions:

  • What is your current image–how do your customers see you? Is it important that you convey respectability or trustworthiness? Or should your target market see your business as creative and innovative?
  • Is your image unique? Does it set you apart from the competition? Perhaps you offer personalized service, the lowest prices, or the widest selection. If your business’s image is not unique, how can you make it so?
  • If you already have a business card design, what do you like about it? How does it enhance or detract from your business image? If possible, get some constructive criticism from colleagues and friends.

Take your time when considering these issues. Whenever you use marketing materials such as your business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and tri-folds, you build customer recognition. Later on, if you decide you’re not comfortable with this image and you need to change the design, you’ll lose any cumulative branding effect you may have gained.

The most effective image for your business may not always be obvious–and your success can depend on it. In recent years, even those in traditionally conservative fields such as banking or medicine have responded to changing market conditions with more contemporary-looking logos and advertising materials.

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