Special Paper Features

Special Paper Features


A watermark is historically the symbol of high quality in fine paper. A watermark is a faint impression that is embossed into the paper during the manufacturing process. Most watermarks indicate the paper’s brand name and the percent of cotton fiber in the sheet. Hold a sheet of Southworth paper up to the light. This image is just one more way you can highlight the importance of your message.

Date Code

The Southworth watermark also contains a secure date code that identifies when the paper was manufactured. This feature protects important documents from forgery and fraud making Southworth paper critical for legal pleadings, contracts, or wills and testaments. Read how Southworth has saved the day in some real life legal disputes.

Acid Free

All Southworth papers are acid free.

Paper which has no acid or residual acid-producing chemicals is deemed “acid free.” Papers that are acid free will resist yellowing and disintegration longer than sheets that are not acid free. This is particularly true as the percent of wood pulp in paper relative to the amount of cotton increases, since cotton papers are less likely to disintegrate or yellow than papers made of all or part wood pulp. Papers with a pH factor of “7″ or higher are considered acid free.