Celebrate Graduation Day

Celebrate Graduation Day

With over 3 million young adults graduating from high school every year in the U.S., close to 100,000 graduating from College with a Bachelor’s degree, and add to that more graduating with an advanced degree, there’s a lot to celebrate!

Let’s not forget our young achievers also – graduates from pre-k, kindergarten, elementary school and middle school, all moving up to the next phase of their education with pride.

Although graduation ceremonies can take place at various times of the year depending on the timing of a school’s semester schedule, it’s traditionally this time of year, late May through June that most occur. What an exciting time of change and growth.

Being recognized for accomplishments and milestones is a wonderful thing. Most of us can likely drum up some stories of a time (or times) that we received a diploma or award certificate – even recollect some very specific details of the event. We remember them because they were important times in our lives. We had reached a goal that we had our sights set on, and were now ready to go after new ones. It was proof to ourselves that we could succeed, and that we had what it took.

I keep an old memory album titled “Those Wonderful School Years” that my mother started for me, and my siblings, when we each started kindergarten. It’s a guided album- a personal record of each school year all the way up through High School. On my Seventh grade page is a picture of my Elementary School graduation – there I am, all grins, sporting a multi-color plaid sports coat and winged back hair (parted down the middle), holding my diploma certificate. 30 years later I can still remember some of the details of that exciting day – Graduation Day.

Be sure to congratulate all the young achievers and young adults in your life who are celebrating a graduation this year. It’s a significant time in their lives, and we should recognize them and celebrate them for it. Let’s acknowledge them for what they have been able to accomplish, and encourage them on to what they want to accomplish. It’s time for a little Pomp & Circumstance.

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