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Let’s get social

We recently dipped our toes into the social waters of Facebook, started a Southworth Blog, and launched Product Reviews on our new website. I know it’s not polite to boast, but please humor me on this one because the feedback has been enlightening.

It appears that given the opportunity, people love to voice their opinion. Happily, most have been positive. So read on to “listen in” on what people are saying.

First of all, our fans really “like” us and our products:

“I use your products for all my professional printed media. Great quality for a great price.” Brent W.

“Great paper for certificates and special calligraphy projects that I like to do.” Lynda K.

“I’ve been using Southworth’s exceptional products for years in my résumé writing business and I would highly recommend them to any business professional who wants to make a great impression.” Bree G.

“I have used their products since my first round of resumes out of college. Good stuff.” Betty G.

Alas, it turns out that not everyone appreciates Watermarked paper, but this fan’s recent comment regarding Resume Paper did spur a lively debate on our Facebook Page. Feel free to chime in! :

“Why do you put a watermark on the background of your résumé paper? I am not trying to promote your company during my interview/application process. I am trying to promote myself. The watermark, although subtle, makes your paper look very tacky. I think that you should rethink the watermark.” Tim C.

Here are two opposing views. They both reviewed our combination packs of Résumé Folders & 9 X 12 Envelopes:

Darline: I would rather use these than any other envelopes. I love the way it looks… It makes you look and feel “Professional”…

Ray: I wish that they had the option to buy the résumé folders separately from the envelopes. I just needed the folders and had to throw out the envelopes as I did not need them…

And here’s a shout out to our stellar customer service department! I must admit they are fabulous!

A customer bought 4 boxes of our paper and didn’t realize until 60 days later that one box was defective. The retailer could not credit her due to the lapse of time so she posted a message on our Facebook page. Here’s her response after our customer service reps came to her aid:

“I would like to share that the customer service department of this company is excellent…Way to go Southworth. We need more companies and manufacturers like you.” Marilyn R.

What I love most is the interesting variety of professional and sometimes very personal ways that our customers use our products.

Santa Claus Letters … (I hope I’m on their list)

“I have enjoyed using the beautiful high quality of Southworth Parchment for all the (Santa) certificates and letters that I write.” Michael P.

“Mike, I also use Southworth Parchment Paper for the Santa Letters I write. Wouldn’t use anything else.” Jim L.

Funeral Home Death Certificates … (I’d rather not be on their list)

“I work in a funeral home and our state Vital Statistics Dept. will only accept certain types of paper. I searched for it… I was VERY pleased to know that I can purchase it from Southworth! (403E) Ordering it from you was quick and easy! Thanks!” Laura M.

Some poignant…

“My grandmother had a hand written spiral notebook of her poems. After she died my mother kept it. My mother eventually developed Alzheimer’s. So a few years ago I typed my grandmother’s poems up and printed them out on Southworth 32 pound linen paper and had them bound at Kinkos. I gave my brother and sister each a set for Christmas from my mother and I. They really appreciated it. My mother died a year or two later.” Jay B.

Some clever…

“I really like the Southworth Parchment Specialty Paper. I use the 8.5 x 14″ size to make copies of a proclamation from our governor declaring November Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Then I roll them up and tie a piece of hemp string around it. We distribute them in goody bags at fundraising events.” Dusty D.

And some keep the faith

“I started using this paper (Parchment Cover Stock) to print our Church Bulletins. The members love the new look and texture, they say it’s like opening a book.” Ralph G.

That’s just a sample of the interesting ways that people are using Southworth paper. How are you using Southworth? Get on the band wagon. Let your voice be heard! Become a Facebook fan, respond to our Blog, leave a review under your favorite product page… If you share we’ll put in a good word with one of the Santas!

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  1. Harold Harrsch
    Posted January 7, 2012 at 12:40 pm | Permalink

    Your paper is great but I wish you would make A2 size envelopes to match the paper.
    Thanks keep up the good work

    • smartin
      Posted January 8, 2012 at 4:53 pm | Permalink

      Thanks for the feedback, Harold. We’re so glad that you’re a fan of Southworth. We really appreciate. I will pass your request for A2 envelopes along to the Product Manager.

  2. William
    Posted May 8, 2012 at 1:30 pm | Permalink

    Between the Resume paper, Folders, and envolopes they all make a great combination if used together. If the folders were sold in a greater amount besides 5 that would make me such a happy customer.

    • smartin
      Posted May 9, 2012 at 2:41 pm | Permalink

      Thanks for your comment, William. I will pass this along to the Product Manager to see what we can do.

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