Do I have to write a Thank You note?

Do I have to write a Thank You note?

“Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy” Unknown
Opening a birthday card from Grandma can be the best! Money dropping out of that card can be even better!

Many people experience this opportunity but how many actually write and say thank you? Grandmas are often signing their grandkids up for my Etiquette classes and they often say to me, “ I never hear from my Grandkids after I send them money. I think I’ll stop sending them money in the cards”. So if you ever wonder why Grandma stopped sending you money, go back and think how many thank you notes you sent her.

People give a gift mostly for the pleasure of giving. That pleasure comes from the reaction of the person that receives the gift. If you have spent time and money selecting a gift for someone -you want to know how that person reacts to your gift or simply that they received it.

Reason #1 for writing a Thank You note- Giving an acknowledgement and reaction to the giver.

Reason #2 for writing a Thank You note- Expressing gratitude for someone’s love and attention.

My daughter just celebrated her 10th birthday and sure enough her Grandparents gave her money in a card. My daughter was so excited at the thought of shopping with her own money! She also was given Thank You note cards and she instantly wrote a thank you note to my parents- That’s how grateful she was.

The standard rule for writing a Thank you note is that it should be written within 24 hours of the event or gift. If for some reason that can‘t happen- Thank you notes are happily accepted any time.

In a business situation an executive that is on top of things will have a stack of cards in their desk and write a thank you note upon his/her return from the meal, meeting or event. In today’s world of texting, emailing, and “IM ing” – a hand written note is such a pleasure to get. Make a better impression and write one today!

Cricket Wantland is a graduate of The Protocol School of Washington and is a Certified Consultant of Corporate Etiquette, International Protocol and Children’s Etiquette. She lives in Southern California and offers classes and training to all ages. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter or check out her website at

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